In Fixture Installation And Replacements

Company History

Sky Technologies Inc. is a GE licensee and valued partner in bringing the innovative GE Plug-In ceiling fans and lighting fixtures to the market. Sky Technologies formally known as SQL Technologies and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Quick Connect

The GE Plug-In Quick Connect is a patented, disruptive technology that is transforming the lighting and ceiling fan industry.

No Exposed Wires

Installing a ceiling fan and light fixture is as simple as pushing the fan and fixture in place and pressing a button. No exposed wires.

Safe Installation

Using the GE Plug-In Quick Connect, anyone can safely install ceiling fans and light fixtures in minutes.

2017 NEC Code Approved

The technology is UL Listed. The technology is permitted by the National Electrical Code-2017 edition.


The quick connect/disconnect receptacle was invented by Rani R. Kohen. He understood that historically electricity outlets and phones of the past were hard wired. There was no way to simply plug in an appliance with the outlets we know today until the 20th century. Rani reasoned the same was true with ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. Why should these appliances be hard wired, requiring cumbersome and at times dangerous electrical work? Rani designed the quick connect/disconnect receptacle so installing a fan can be as easy as plugging in an appliance. Rani then started Safety Quick Lighting and Fans Corp, and the rest is history.


Sky Technologies strives to exceed expectations by providing consumers with innovation through excellent products at a reasonable price. The GE Plug-In  Quick Connect allows for consumers’ ease of installation while ensuring safety. The vision is that the GE Plug–In Quick Connect technology will be installed in every home in North America and the world, enhancing and simplifying people’s lives.


Sky Technologies recruits and retains the best team members to ensure continuous innovation and quality. We’re looking for people like us – loyal and ethical dreamers, intellectuals, optimists and tireless dynamos. We have an awesome workplace — we’ve hired you for your talents and we want to watch you run with those talents. Come run with us!